Hello from the other side – of 2015. I’ve had a reflective day on how 2015 has been for me. 

I wouldn’t call it a bad year, it certainly seemed that way on many occasions, but in reality it’s been a challenge and an exercise of my mental strength. I sit here on 31/12/2015 commending myself on how I got through it, proud that I made it through at times when I didn’t think it possible, and stronger than I ever thought I could be.

The challenges I’ve faced have allowed me to grow into the person I am; stronger, bloody determined and to realise that I should believe in myself a lot more, I CAN do this – ‘life’, being a grown up even.

Whilst I will keep this short and (hopefully) sweet. I look back on my year with admiration for myself – knowing that I would get through, and indeed have, and have come out one hell of a woman – or so it feels at this point in time. I’m in a job I love, surrounded by people that continually make me smile, with a boyfriend, partner, by my side and with family and friends I couldn’t live without. What more do I need?

So here’s to 2016. I hope to learn more from myself, this time with a (fingers and toes crossed) positive year, filled with great experiences and people. I hope to relax into the blog bandwagon again. I hope that this time next year, I’ll reflect again to see how much more I’ve grown. And I hope that you can sit, think and say the same about your year.

Happy New Year, I think 2016 may just be the start…

To my cheesey, genuinely happy, giggly smile. The happiest moment of my 2015


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