The palette everyone has there eyes on. The NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette. The limited edition 8 shade and £45 purchase that has everyone buzzing. And I got £9 off!

Yes, you heard right, £36 instead of £45.

This palette is available on ASOS (to my pleasant surprise) so not only was I going to get next day delivery on it as an ASOS VIP, but I also received a 20% off voucher code too!

It was a tough decision between the All Day Luminous Foundation or the Dual Intensity Palette (although the offer, I still couldn’t justify the £61 in-one-go drop) so the palette it was.

I already have 2 of the Dual Intensity Shades, Dionne (not featured in this palette but full review here) and Andromeda, bottom left .

So, the shades. From left to right, top to bottom.

Europa: a pink/peach shimmer, fairly sheer when applied dry.

Himalia: a gorgeous golden-brown with good pigmentation, slightly leaning towards golden when applied dry. This will be one I’ll go to frequently.

Ursa Major: described by NARS as a ‘Chocolate Glaze’ – I find to be a dark ashen/brown with a slight ashy/grey tint in certain lights. This shade is exclusive to the palette.

Subra: a rich burgundy/red, not one I’ll use often, but an on trend shade nonetheless.

Andromeda: one of my favourites; a white/very light beige golden shimmer. This brightens my eyes up and goes with almost all smokey eye looks.

Lysithea: I love NARS description of ‘Shark Grey’ I’d agree as a bright silver/pewter shade, quite intense even when applied dry.

Giove: a deep navy blue, with strong pigmentation – one to not go overboard on when applying. I think I’ll be using this with caution and dry.

Sycorax: carbon black and buildable dry. This would be a good one to use wet as an eyeliner and for lower lash smudging for a dramatic look.

All can be used wet for a more intensified and dramatic look.

Considering the indivisible pots are £21 each, £45 for 8 shades (albeit slightly smaller in size) is bordering a bargain.

I think Subra and Giove will take some getting used to and experimenting, but they add to the dramatic look of the palette and prevent it from being a big-standard beige or black smokey palettes throwing in a glamour of everything and allow a range of dramatic looks.

Make sure you get your mitts on the palette soon as this is a limited edition! You can find it on ASOS here.

Would I rebuy full price? Providing there was any left in the world, hell yeah!

Have you tried this palette out or any of the individual shades?



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