I’ve had my eye on a NARS Matte Multiple for ages, so when I saw this was down to £17.99 it was a guilt free buy!

Altai is described as a rose bronze, but for me it’s definitely a typical tan brown shade. It’s definitely not one I’d use on the lips, maybe on the eye lids. For me, this was made for contouring. I’ve ordered a flat topped contour brush which I think will work perfectly with this product (either sweeping across the stick, or blending once drawn on).

The texture is really creamy and soft and applies so easily (I was surprised at this as I have found some matte products tug a big as they’re thicker and powdery formulas). It’s a sheer finish which makes building easy, it can also be applied wet or dry which I find unusual. NARS suggest if using wet, dampen fingers and applying without a brush. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to try damp!

The packaging is everything you’d expect from NARS, matte black rubber, simple and sleek. The twist up stick formula makes it super handy on the go, and mess free.

I’ve given this its first spin on, and can safely say duration is great, I didn’t need to touch up, and it blended easily. The colour works great with my skin tone and gives my cheekbones a subtle shadow.

I can safely say that I’m keen to get a pinker shade for blusher and to try on my lips and I think I’d be happy to pay the full £30 – I think it would take some time to get to the bottom of one of these sticks too. Sadly Altai isn’t on sale anymore, however other shades are 10% off on lookfantastic here!

Have you tried a NARS Multiple?



2 thoughts on “NARS Matte Multiple in Altai

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