Matte Veil, my first Illamasqua purchase. What do I think? I couldn’t have started my inevitable addiction with a better product.

Matte Veil is a primer like no other, unlike it’s counter part Hydra Veil, this product offers an intense mattifying base ready for perfect foundation application. The smooth, non-drying, almost-moisturizing(?!) formula for me is a first and completely unique.

I’m going to start reviewing this with something slightly different: the smell. It’s like chocolate, if anyone has ever smelt the Palmers cocoa butter products, it’s like that. Delicious in every sense; to smell, look at and apply. It’s a natural scent though so it doesn’t concern me in an additive/perfumed sense.

It glides on like a light moisturiser – it’s on the slightly runny side if you’re comparing to the jelly-like consistency of Hydra Veil – although that’s not to say it’s watery – smooth.

It absorbs in seconds (no waiting around for drying time!) and what I’ve noticed more than anything is how long my make up now lasts. I wear a mattifying foundation anyway so this is just an extra precaution mattifying product. I find that I have had NO make up slip or slide – which I have never had before. My make up stays put even when the office gets sweaty or freezing cold with air con (our only 2 office air levels!) – I also sit directly under the air con unit! My face, make up and skin take a daily battering I think it’s fair to say, not that you’d realise when I’m home with next-to-perfect make up! It’s glorious.

Let’s also note how cute the little slide-out spatula is as well?! Not entirely necessary like the Hydra will, but a handy addition nonetheless.

I was dubious with the £30 price tag, especially as it’s my first dip into Illamasqua. ASOS retail this at £27 anyway – already 10% off, but I waited until they offered 20% off the other day and got it for a more-reasonable £21.60. I will be repurchasing this full price no problem – along with all the rest of the Illamasqua offerings!

Have you tried Matte Veil?



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