Lately I’m obsessed with colour – namely blushers and highlighters. I have them in every form, from stick to cream to powder. But nothing for my has been as enticing as the new NARS Illuminators. Oh and did I mention I for 20% and 10% off?

Super Orgasm was my first (yes first) as it’s one of the only blusher shades I don’t have, I thought what better opportunity to try the shade. It’s bold, daring and shimmery and I love it. I’ve been using this as both blusher and highlighter – on my cheeks and cheekbones under foundation, with a touch more powder blusher on top. I’m also loving this on my no make up days to give me a hint of colour and radiance.


I’d just like to comment quickly as well on the photo above, because Hot Sand has been shaking around in my bag you can’t quite tell with that one, but what you see in Super Orgasm is what you get. I’m a tad disappointed with the vast air space! But this stuff is very much use sparingly, so this is forgivable.

Now Hot Sand, I’d been lusting after more so but ASOS (which is where I bought Super Orgasm) didn’t have it in at that time. However they had 20% off and I thought what the hell, why not just get Super Orgasm?! Then…. It came into stock *dun dun duuuun*

I was also kindly offered 10% off my next order after a glitch with a precious order and I think we all see where this is going…


As you can see from these swatches, Hot Sand is aptly named, peachy and golden in colour, but not shimmery and actually not far off foundation looking. This I think will be perfect for those paler skinned, not as in-your-face and gorgeously subtle. It has almost a mix of a silvery and golden sheen to it depending on what lighting you’re in, and this is definitely one I’ll be using over foundation on my cheek and brow bones.

As it’s limited edition, this was a tad pricier at £22.50 rather than the regular range at £21.50 but for me so worth it – I think this shade is a lot more user and first-time friendly, particularly for those who are dipping their toes in the highlighting pool.

Worth the price tag? Ur hurr honey! Considering other highlighters and Brands (I’m thinking of Benefit’s more expensive Watts Up for example) I think this is bargain; a very generous amount in the tube and from a brand I can and will never be able to fault.

Have you tried these Illuminators?



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