Don’t fear, I’m still here! After a grueling last few weeks without internet in the new house we finally gave it and I’d give you all a quick update on all things house!

We’ve now been in the house for 3 weeks and everything is now complete bar the odd piece of furniture (and a good Hoover and clean!)

There have (and still are) inevitable delays and problems with furniture deliveries, the most notable was our sofa from Argos, and now IKEA.

But we have bought some a-mazing little bits and bobs and so far I can’t explain how happy I am with our new pad!

Once the house is done I plan to come back with a blogging bang with everything in our house; my favourite pieces and what it all looks like – I hope you’ll find it interesting!

– Before you think lifestyle and interior design posts are really very ‘House of Bargain’, there will obviously be my bargain-finding spin on almost all of the things we’ve bought – furniture included! 😉

I hope everyone has had an a-mazing Easter (and eaten your body weight in chocolate) and I’ll leave you with a picture of my current favourite thing in the house right now!



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