When you go to Tesco after work to buy a (well needed) bottle of wine, and you come away taking half the shop with you. That.

A bottle of wine, 2 pairs of jeans, 3 nail varnishes, a limited edition Vaseline and a Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses lip pen later I left Tesco. Although this all did come to the grad total of £25 (wine included!)

Tesco does some seriously good clearance sales both beauty and fashion – I swear a good 90% of my denim comes from Tesco! I also love picking up the odd beauty item as well whilst I’m perusing the isles – it was on this occasion that I found these 3 Rimmel Nail Varnishes down to £2, the Rita Ora down to £2,79. Then went straight into my basket – I love the two pastel colours, they’re so hot for SS14! The Paint The Town Red ltd edition Vaseline was down to £1.74, the Rimmel lip pen was £3. A very good saving on each of these items!

photo (19)


Love my boyfriend jeans, they’re very similar to the ‘Mom’ style jeans that are floating around at the minute, and they’re also super comfy. Win Win! The black skinny jeans needed a good wash on their own (to prevent colour running!) but they are seriously the comfiest things in the world ever!

Have you ever found any amazing Tesco bargains?



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