I’ve officially been sucked into the world of contouring (all thanks to you bbloggers!) and I’m obsessed with my new contouring palette – it was £3.99 and free delivery. Oh yeahhh!

Before Christmas I had my eye on the Crown Brush 10 colour Contouring Concealer Palette £16.99 and was a bit miffed that it was out of stock until the New Year. Over Christmas I hadn’t really thought about it since until my sister walked into my room with a contouring palette (as if she beat me?!) not only did it have 15 shades instead of 10 – it was £3.99 from eBay (link here). Obviously I then hopped online and 2 days later it appeared on my door step!

photo 4 (5)

The colours on the left are correctors – green for redness, lilac for discolouration, the white is a shimmery highlighter and then the yellow is an eyelid colour correcter (like Benefit’s Lemonaide) – the rest are delicious shades for contouring! It’s amazing, the colours are  creamy and blendable and you just can’t beat the £3.99 price tag – I wouldn’t bother investing in the Crown Brush one after this. Not to mention you get more shades to play with and the correctors – a seriously good palette!

As I’m fairly fair I don’t like going overboard with contouring, I find it looks a little fake on me. I’m also lucky in that I have a fringe, so I don’t worry about forehead contouring! I stick with cheek and a touch of jawline contouring.

Firstly I start bare faced and stripe/swipe the darkest of the contouring shades just under my cheek bones, along my jaw line and the teeniest swipe down the sides of my nose. It took me a while to find the right tool to do this and I’ve found thus far that a concealer brush works best for me (although I still plan to experiment!). I then use the lightest of the shades and then highlight the gap between the cheek bone and jaw lines, under my eyes in a triangle down to the end of my nose (if you get me?) a dab on my chin and then another small triangle between my brows up to my forehead. – I hope that all makes sense?!

I then applied foundation to my buffing brush and buffed until there were no stripes and lines – you’re then left with a very subtle contouring effect. I then use my Sleek Face Contour Kit (in fair) to just go over my cheek bone contouring and then use the powder highlighter on the tops of my cheek bones, round in a ‘C’ shape to my brow bone.

photo (13)

And here’s what it looked like! – apologies for the pictures – trying to take them on my own is hard! For this look I also used my NARS Orgasm blusher to fill in and colour the apples of my cheeks, I used my NAKED3 palette for me eyes and my new Rimmel Vinyl Max lip gloss for my lips!

photo 1 (15)photo 2 (13)

photo 3 (10)photo (14)


– I’d also like to apologise for the state of my fringe – I’m off to have my hair cut later so it won’t be as long!


Have you ever used a contouring palettes before?


10 thoughts on “Contouring Kits

    • Eek how good value are they?! I couldn’t believe it when my sister strolled into my bedroom with one!

      They are really good to work with as well and the correctors are such a bonus too!

      Let me know when yours arrives and how you get on with it?! 🙂 so excited to share my love for this palette 😉


  1. Wow, mine arrived the next day after I ordered it, such good service! I’m loving the shimmery highlighter, can’t wait to properly get to grips with all the colours. Thanks for sharing, it’s such a bargain my sister in law bought one too!

    • I know right, service is brill and the palette is amazing! The shimmery highlighter is actually the only one I’ve yet to try!

      So glad you (and your sister in law!) liked the post and found it useful, this has really made my little day! 🙂

  2. Does that concealer palette have more details on the name and stuff so I can look it up before I buy it? And your fringe looks amazing, don’t worry, as does the contour! 🙂

    • Hey,

      I’ve linked up where I bought the concealer palette from so any details should be on there for you – if not have a quick google 🙂

      And thanks! About 2 hours after this I (finally) had my hair cut – fringe is a bit more tamed now! 😉

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