From £60 down to £27 with £72 worth of products, it’s safe to say I was at Boots by 9 this morning to get my hands on the Soap and Glory The Yule Monty set.

I’m SUCH a Soap and Glory fan but I never have the money to spend on everything in the collection, and so when this irresistable offer was made known to me last night by you loverly bloggers, I HAD – yes HAD – to set my alarm and get my mitts on it –  it’s while stocks last too so if you’ve not been to Boots yet, head down early tomorrow and pray there’s still some left in stock!

This happens yearly, S&G lower the price of one of their huge sets for one day/until stocks last. This year’s was The Yule Monty which included: Hand Food hand cream, Scrub Of Your Life body bugger, The Righteous Butter body butter, Sugar Crush body wash, Peaches And Clean deep purifying cleanser, Heel Genius foot cream, Butter Yourself moisturiser, Thick & Fast mascara and Sexy Moher Pucker XL lipgloss – ALL FULL SIZES!

YuleMonty_JS_Bag&ProductsDigital_Xmas13 RGB_WEB

I won’t go into every single price (we’ll be here for days!) but in total all should come to £72 – so even at £60 you were still saving yourself £12 or getting the equivalent of one of them completely free. Therefore down to £27 is just insanity! the wash bag it comes in is also gorgeous and designer by British Fashion Designer Jonathon Saunders.

Firstly I was at the Loughborough store at 9am and there were LOADS dotted around the store, however I wasn’t the only one in early, I saw numerous women walking round with two or three of them so I reckon by the end of today the stock will definitely be running very very low. I dread to think how quick the larger city ones ran out too! If you’re looking online though you might be lucky and still be able to order yourself one – I hope so, it’s such an incredible set!

I don’t know what to try first, I’ve had the Hand Food before – it’s fab but I love my Body Shop Almond hand cream more.. but I’m SO excited to try Peaches and Cream face wash, I’ve heard nothing but good things. Equally the mascara I’m intrigued by, I LOVE the S&G Archery brow definer, so I’m hoping this too will be a live-without product.

I’ll do a review of them all once I’ve had time to use them all! I’m so excited.

However if Soap and Glory isn’t in your budget – and to be fair, unless it was this price, it definitely wouldn’t be in mine ordinarily either – head to Tesco and check out their dupe range Along Came Polly, I’ve reviewed a few products myself here 🙂

Did you manage to get the set too and if so what did you think?!



15 thoughts on “Soap & Glory, The Yule Monty

  1. I get the S&G mega product every year and was sooooo excited to get this one! From the the designer bag to the amazing price, who can complain?
    I cannie WAIT to see your review and I think ill do one too!
    Sooooo glad you managed to get one of the limited stock!


    • Ahh I’m excited to see what you think! Sad to say I’m already disappointed by one of the products but I’ll keep it a secret until my review 😉
      You definitely deserved some well earned pampering so glad you got one too!

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