Despite my sheer dread and expectation of something going wrong/bad things happening, my Real Techniques dupe brushes from eBay arrived! I’m so excited.

They came in a simple padded envelope, each individually wrapped in plastic and then all wrapped in plastic together… Not the most impressive but for £8.50 and free delivery I have NO complaints! They were all immaculate and the softest brushes I’ve ever felt in my entire life. Regardless of the Real Techniques name, I won’t be straying from these cheap equivalents! The bronzey/gold colour I chose is exactly the same as the Core Collection from Real Techniques.

photo 1 (10)photo 3 (7)photo (11)

I used the Buffing (style) brush to put my foundation on this morning, and I seriously can’t explain how gorgeously it puts my make up on – it glides on and feels amazing on my skin. I also used the very squarish ended brush (4th one in) to apply powder highlighter on before I took the photos so that’s why it’s not a bright white as the others! – It’s also the only brush I’ve yet to find a similar name/style/purpose of!

In all this is a fabulous product and I plan to buy them again in the baby blue. I seriously cannot recommend them enough! £8.50 to me anyway, is so underpriced. I’m also going to buy a few sets and give them as gifts too – cheap brush cases are so easy to come by and I feel these would be the best present ever – I’d b SO happy if i received these myself! 🙂

You can buy them here



21 thoughts on “Real Techniques Dupes

    • They are honestly SO soft and gorgeous to the touch, can’t explain how amazing the quality is! I do wish I’d have now opted for the baby blue, but for £8.50 each, I can get two sets and still be cheaper than the Real Techniques ones! 🙂 definitely worth investing 🙂

  1. Wow they look absolutely brilliant! I’ve got the genuine ones and they look so similar to the dupes! Let me know how you get on!
    Also, I have a link up on my blog and I was wondering if you wanted to participate? I’d love if you had a look anyway! Thank you xx

    • Hey babe! I know, so surprised at how similar they look, and the quality of them is amazing too 🙂

      About the secret Santa; I’m all spent out at the mo and I’ve already participated in a secret Santa thing! – if I could afford another one I would, but I just can’t at the mo particularly with the Christmas run up now! 🙂 fab idea though and I’m sure you’ll get loads of people to join in. 🙂 hope it all goes well babe!


    • I’ve only had them for a few days so no I’ve not, but I hope they don’t?! Not heard that one before! Wah. This worries me 😦 although at least they’re easily replaceable haha!


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