Tesco is my new favourite beauty/skin care shop! I got an £18.64 order for £4.64 with the clubcard points voucher boost! Madness! And I absolutely love everything I bought!!

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I ordered online ready for free click and collect at my local Tesco – I live for click and collect, it saves the hassle of missing a delivery if ordered home and it’s almost always free in any store (or at least a fraction of a price compared to standard delivery).

After reading so many reviews about the L’Oreal 3-in-1 Purifying Micellar Solution make up remover I had to try it out… It retails at £4.99 but Tesco had it down to £3.33. Yay! I then had a quick look at the gift sets, and they had a L’Oreal set with a full size of the Micellar Solution as well as a Triple Active Day moisturiser, also full size, for just £5 down from £10! So I popped that into my basket too. The solution, which I used to take my make up off last night lived up to all of the fantastic reviews, it took my make up of easily – even my mascara – and left my skin beautifully soft. It took 5 standards cotton pads to take my face off, and it wasn’t particularly ‘done’ up either, but cotton pads are so cheap that’s a minor flaw. And it looks like this miracle water will last quite a while too! 🙂 The moisturiser is amazing, I find it almost like a primer and will be using it for one, it soaks in so quickly and leaves silky soft skin behind, it definitely isn’t a thick or heavy moisturiser and you get so much in the pot it’ll last ages too!

LOreal-Triple-Active-Day-Duo-Gift-Set-191511LOreal-Skin-Perfection-Micellar-Cleansing-Water-187047 (1)l-oreal-paris-triple-active-day-multi-protection-moisturiser-50ml

Tesco also do a Soap and Glory dupe brand called Along Came Betty and so when I saw that almost all of the products were on offer I had to try a few of them! I’ve been after a decent price face mask for so long and the Along Came Betty Pure Pores 15 Minute Detox Mask, down to £3.66 from £5.50 not only went into my basket, but went in twice! It is hands down one of the most gorgeous smelling products I own, and incredibly Soap and Glory-esque. It smells of peaches and just everything sweet and fruity and ultimately girly. Just what I love. It suggests using as a 5 minute mask for ‘a quick skin treat or for 15 minutes for a deep cleansing facial‘ – I left it on for about 20 minutes and it left my skin SO soft, smelling sweet and definitely feeling deep cleaned. I am so glad I bought two pots, they’ll definitely be getting used!


Next I thought I’d try the Along Came Betty Skin Tone Corrector Shine G’One it claims to ‘to give you an even skin tone and an ideal surface for make up. It’s time to get that youthful glow back.‘ They suggest you apply post-cleansing and allow it to soak before you apply your favourite moisturiser on for the night. I used this after I washed my face mask off and I must say, I think it’s already brilliant after just one use. The combination of the two has left my skin this morning with my pores looking more refined and my skin just generally looking healthier and more glowing – and this is just with one use of each! I might go out and buy some more next time I’m in Tesco, particularly as it was only £2.99 instead of £4.50!


I used all three last night, I took my make up off with the Micellar Solution, put the Pure Pores Mask on, washed off, and then applied my Corrector Shine G’One before my night moisturiser – and all of these are now going to be a part of my nightly regime – As a Soap and Glory lover, I can honestly say that these products match the quality in every way, they work, smell amazing and just are my skin’s new best friend’s! I also find the prices are a lot more purse friendly which is such a bonus for me, and because they’re available in Tesco it makes life easier, I spend half my life in Tesco! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Tesco Skin Treats!

    • Well I only picked them up because of your (quite rightly) rave reviews – so really I’ve only got you to thank! But glad I can share the love and you got them on offer too 😉


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