I was SO happy yesterday when my ELF goodies arrived! I couldn’t wait to try them out so here are a few pictures and reviews on their products!

Firstly here are all the bits I bought – from left to right: Studio Pigment Eye Shadow in Innocent Ivory, High Definition Under Eye Setting Powder, Single False Lashes x2, Warm Bronzer compact palette, Nail Polish in Metal Madness, HD cream Blush in Superstar and Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Ruby Slipper.

photo (6)


Now I won’t do absolutely everything (we’d be here for days!) but I’ll upload a few pictures on Instagram of my nails definitely so if you fancy a look follow @anna_bridgeman on Instagram and @HouseofBargain_ on Twitter!

I’ve yet to use the lashes although you get 18 in a pack and they are all the same size – there’s no gradient, but for £1.50 I don’t actually mind and I bought them for my outer corners anyway!

The Under Eye Setting Powder I used earlier – it’s a transparent/sheer powder designed up hide dark circles and wrinkles – I wouldn’t say I noticed any real difference but I’ll keep at it and try different application techniques! Both this and all of the Studio Pigment Eyeshadows come with cute little brushes too – very similar to gel eyeliner ones – I’m not sure I’ll use them but they are definitely good as spares/emergency brushes and it just adds to the value-for-money factor that ELF have – which is incredible!

photo 3 (4)


The Warm Bronzer set is now officially my new favourite product ever. the package is so sleek, smooth and gorgeous that I alone was excited before I even opened the palette! The 4 shades are simply gorgeous and in the picture below I wore all 4 – the darker shade obviously at the base to contour, I then went over lightly and slightly above with the pinker one and then on my cheek bone use the highlighter shades. I think they’re amazing personally and I’ll be revinvesting 100% – it was only £3.74 and I just cannot get over that amazing price!

photo 3 (3)photo (7)


Now one thing I was DEFINITELY looking forward to trying was the HD Blush – I’ve been looking at cream blushers for years but always been too nervous and set in my powder ways. When this arrived I was so excited, it’s a little smaller than I imagined size wise but that’s no biggie. When I pumped though I was slightly disappointed and here’s why; You know when you go to put ketchup on something and the bottle wasn’t shaken, and you end up with that watery bit at the beginning before you get to the actually ketchup – that was what this was like. So I gave it a good shake and pumped again. The separation was a lot lot less, but it’s definitely something you have to give a bit of a swirl/mix on the back of your hand before applying onto your face. Despite this I still think I’ll give it a good go – on the swatches (below) it actually gives a great colour, is blendable and has a slight shimmer to it too – basically everything that I love! – The lighting is a bit poor so apologies – again if you follow me on Instagram I’ll post up better pictures and when I’m actually wearing it!

photo 4 (2) photo 4 (3)
(as you can see in the first picture, there is a slight separation towards the end – the second you can’t really see the golden shimmer, but there is some there!)

And then there is the Luscious Liquid Lipstick – my first thoughts were instantly ‘is that it?!’ – there seems to be a lot of packagine and a bit tube for such a small amount, but then again there’s the twisty mechanism which is what takes up all of the space! Despite this however it is exactly what it says – it goes on like a dream, it’s highly pigmented – although I did think the shade would be darker, and the liquid helps with moisturising which is a big thing for me at the minute with all of this chilly weather! Due to the lighting you can’t really get a good sense of what it looks like, but here are a few pics! (I also have wonky lips apparently too?!)

photo 1 (7)photo 2 (7)


And there we have it! Keep you eyes peeled on Instagram and Twitter for some more photos. And don’t be put off by the HD Blush – It’s a fairly small fault and the overall look is worth it I think – the colour is gorgeous (very similar to the powder NARS Orgasm I think) for the price of £3.75 too I think it’s worth having a try – I’ve heard other liquid/cream blushes have had the same sort of separating effect and I’d rather spend £3.75 than a tenner! 🙂



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