In my last shopping haul post I bought one of Rimmels Star Dust varnishes in Total Eclipse. Disappointed is an understatement.

In the bottle it looks mega glittery and gives the impression of high shine and uber glittery fabulousness – it’s the least furthers from this. It takes the texture of the latest ‘sand’ varnishes (which I’m not particularly a fan of and have stayed clear of!), so straight away the high-shine isn’t there, therefore neither is the glittery ness of the glitter. You’re left with just the basic colors – black varnish and green flecks. No a shiney, sparkly or ‘wow’ nails which is what I was after.

If you’re a sand-texture lover then this is for you, sadly I prefer what it looks like on the bottle than in real life! I’m glad therefore that the other polishes I bought we’re not from this same range – which they nearly were!



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