Fresh from my Loafers and Pumps post, here are the Loafers! Love them. The same cannot be said for the pumps *sad face* – they were huge on!

The loafers are incredibly comfortable, and aren’t as high as they look. And I just love them, they’re a tiny bit tight, but I reckon the size 6’s would be huge on, so they just need a bit of wearing in 🙂 – this was my mistake with the pumps – I picked the 6’s anticipating a small fit, I couldn’t be more wrong!


The tassle and chain detail is gorge, and not too much or OTT – just a right amount of bling! (You can also see a sneaky peak of my new Asos Indigo jeans too!)

The delivery was fine and did come on Thursday, as I’m now at Look magazine I’ve also been too busy to take them back in store and take them back, I have a feeling I’ll encounter a problem in returning them as well. Annoying!


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