Following my Time For A New Coat post, here is my new mac in real life!

I definitely don’t think it looks the £24 I spent on it, considering it is exactly the same as a £75 Asos one I was going to buy!

DSC_2393 DSC_2398

I find the cut really really flattering, and you can chop and change styles, button it all the way up or do another button down for an open coat look. The sleeves are also zipped so they can be flared out for a fun look. The pockets are deep and zipped – nothing can fall out or get wet.

I find H&M weird for sizing though, in most shops I can pick up a few bits and rely on the fact I know their sizes are reliable, H&M is sadly not one of them, they almost always come up small. So, if you’re ever in doubt and in a rush, I’d always get the next size up (deflating for your esteem, but don’t forget it’s a European store initially! – we’ll forgive them for the small sizing!)


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