Autumn has officially hit, and so I’ve been wanting a tan or camel coloured mac to keep me warm but stylish.. This beauty I purchased for £24 from H&M! And it’s on season and no sale! Wahoo!

I’ve had my eye on an ASOS mac for ages, it’s exactly the same as this but £75, which is just a bit too much for a simple mac for me, and so when I saw this baby in H&M and it was the last one in the shop it was definitely destiny.

(I can’t seem to manage to find a link or image online?! So apologies for the poor quality!)

At the moment H&M are offering 20% student discount! and although I’m now a graduate (shhh!) my myunidays.com student discounts are set to work until March 2014! And H&M only do student discount via them and their app.

This jacket retailed at just £30, a price I was more than happy to pay fully, and then they had 20% off, so it came to just £24 – you can’t deny that that is gorgeously incredible.

Be quick to snap up the discount though as it is only running for a limited time!


One thought on “Tan Trench Coats feat. H&M

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