Whilst having a look for some new winter boots – it’s THAT time to start having to think about how horrible and cold the weather will get (sad face!).

I got two £30 pairs of boots for £20 thanks to their 20% student discount off and Free UK Delivery offer too I thought that Boohoo should be my first port of call. It ended up being my only port of call!

Boohoo I love you.

I saw two pairs of gorgeous on-trend ankle boots that I loved, one brown pair, one black – and I genuinely couldn’t decide which I wanted. But as one pair were £8, the other £12 instead of £30 each, I didn’t need to make a decision!

The Brown pair, with a small glittery golden heel were £8, and I couldn’t resist, a hint of disco with casual.

And I then bought these black studded pair, understated but still on-trend so it’s win-win for a chilled look!



As the total came to £20 and the delivery is £3.99 I basically both of the discount codes allowed me to have £4 off (£3.99 is rounded up to £4 at checkout) so I was like OMG I’ve got the brown shoes free with both codes! – stop right there Anna.

The website (annoyingly) only allows you to use ONE discount code, so for me it didn’t make a difference. If your order is under £20 you’re better off using the Free Delivery, it’s more money off. If your order is OVER £20 use the 20% off student discount.

I also decided to get size 6s, in my experience I’m usually a 5 in there (I’m a 5/6 depending on shoe style and store) however my last pair of 5s were a tab tight, and I thought with boots and wearing socks, bigger is better!

Delivery is usually quick and concise, and as I’m in London and not at home, it’ll be up to my sister to inform me of delivery, which I’ll obviously update here!


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