Apologies for the delay in Blogging! I’m back in London on a new internship as Showbiz Writer at Entertainment Wise – check it out! 🙂

I managed to get these beauty products all HALF PRICE! Wahoo – and using a new medium of discount too 🙂 (Also working on top of on-sale products too, even better!)

So I bought:
-Moisture Foundation; full price £13, on sale to £7, half price to £3.50!
-Tea Tree Pore Minimiser; full price £7.50, half price £3.75
– Sea Weed Clarifying Toner; Full Price £8, half price £4
– Banana Shampoo and Conditioner; Full price £4.50 each (£9.00 for both), half price £2.25 (£4.50 for both)

In total it should have come to £37.50, I paid £15.75 – you can’t argue with that discount!

Not bad eh?!

The code I used was an o2 rewards code – something I’ve not used before, and can be used both in store and online! So if you’re on o2 definitely get signed up, it’s so worth it!

The Body shop also have a great set of offers on if you can’t get o2 rewards, buy 3 things you get 30% off, 6 things 40% off and 8 things 50% off, so get stocking up on those essentials ready for winter.

I’m particularly excited about trying the shampoo and conditioner, it smells A-MAZING from the bottle so I’m hoping it’ll do wonderful things to my hair/head 🙂


One thought on “Body Shop Beauty Products Bargain!

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