I found out today that I’ve got a confirmed placement at Now magazine – (keep your eyes peeled for me in May!) and so I thought I deserved to treat myself as I was buying some practical clothes for the world of magazine work!

Saw this trinket box AGES ago on Asos.com, and thought it was a bit steep at £18, so when I was trawling the sale today down to £5.60 I absolutely put it straight into my bag! I think its completely gorgeous, vintage looking and I need a place to keep all of my bits as my existing box is over flowing!


At the same time, whilst on the phone to my best friend Maria, I came across these two gorgeous necklaces on Asos too (a bit soppy but I was feeling cute and we deserved it after a rubbish few weeks!) and thought the ‘A‘ one would fit nicely in my new box (justifying a purchase as always). These were £6 each instead of £9 and I actually managed to get student discount at 10% on top as well so they were £5.40.

image1xl (1) image1xl (2)

They’re small necklaces, not the long ones. And I’m not usually one for initial jewelry but I thought they were cute and a silly little present to cheer the pair of us up!


After shopping for these, I got onto the practical pieces for this placement, I thought ‘blazers, blazers, blazers’, theybteam with everything, smarten everything up and can change an outfit. Sorted. (I won’t put photo’s with everything,  I bought a few too many items) 😉

I got a gorgeous one from Next, £16 instead of £32, free in store delivery and in Nude with a Satin edge and waterfall design.

I also got a long line boyfriend fit blazer from Boohoo.com a burst of colour in coral and £10, with 20% discount (limited time only so go have a look!) and with standard £3.99 delivery.


I’m not sure yet whether it’ll suit me, but for the price and free returns I don’t mind, I also bought a dress as well for my graduation (touch wood) but I don’t want to reveal that just yet!

In all there are actually some great mid season sales on at the moment so it’s definitely worth a look. Blazers are also a great way to make an outfit look new, current as well as keeping you warm which, given the coldest March on record, is probably a wise buy!

My next hunt is for a sensible and comfy pair of shoes (an impossible task) and perhaps some straight cut suit style trousers, but ones that don’t look hideous on me.


Would just like to add to this post, I placed these orders last night at around 4/5ish in the evening, my boohoo order arrived so quickly and early this morning I missed the delivery and they’re in the office in my halls of residence waiting for me to pick up tomorrow morning! (the worst feeling in the world knowing they’re actually here!)

Genuinely so pleased and surprised at how quickly it was all done, just checked my emails now and it was despatched late last night and arrived this morning (the email order updates) thanks! 🙂

Definitely cannot fault Boohoo on the speed of their delivery, although based on past experiences (A Comfy Pair of Shoes) that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right order!


4 thoughts on “Spring Splurges feat. ASOS & Boohoo

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